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What We Do

Establishing a price list is complex because many parameters vary from one mission to another depending on the population density of the fly zone, the type of mission, the proximity of airports, the  necessary administrative procedures, etc.).

Nevertheless, Boonz finds its pride in providing you with an accurate quote, meeting your needs and adapting  to your budget.

Image de Drone prêt à décoller.


TV Shooting




Institutionnal Movie

Music video


Radiocommande drone en cours d'utilisation.




3D Model

Real Estate


Mesure de terrain dans le BTP. Un drone peut le faire.


Technical Inspection

Site Supervision

Field Measurement

3D Integration

Insurance expertise




Is it possible for tomorrow ?

Only if the flying zone is in an unpopulated zone outside the urban area and outside an airport control zone. Otherwise it will be impossible to achieve it in such short notice! French law requires professional pilots to file an application five working days before the given date with the concerned entities of the State (DGAC, Prefecture and City Hall). For night flights, the minimum delay is 30 days prior to the flying date.

Can you fly over people ?

Whether it is for leasure or a professional use, it is strictly prohibited to fly over people.

However a waiver can be signed in the case of a movieshoot before the flight.  The exceptional waiver must mention the number of actors it will be  flying over and is usually limited depending on the scenario.  But in  no case a waiver can be applying for an event such as a marriage or a concert. The pilot will have to shot next to but not over the event.

Why is it necessary to hire a Pro ?

Do you have someone in your family who owns a drone and can save you the cost of a service? Be aware that the use of drones is very limited and that any breach of the law can have serious legal consequences. In addition, your cousin probably does not have the same equipment or the same experience as our pilots and approved by the law for restricted flying zone.

Can you travel for the job?

We can operate anywhere on the French territory and even abroad depending on the mission. Of course, this will generate additional travel costs.

For any information related to our services or the practice of drone in general, do not hesitate in contacting us, by chat or via the contact tab.

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